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Title: 'Lulu the Hong Kong Cat - Or the Big Adventures of Lulu the Hong Kong Cat on the Day she Snuck Out'

Author: Ellen WY Leou,  
Publisher: Big Good Company

This story is about Lulu the tailless cat who unexpectedly goes on a big adventure in our very own city, Hong Kong.  She gets lost and goes to places that she has never been before.  Lulu then has to try and find her way home.  Along the way she meets many other talking animal characters including Hardworking Cat, Mr and Mrs Fashionable Dog, Old Rat and The Notorious Roach Gang.  Some of them were nice but some were very rude and not helpful at all!

The pictures are beautifully illustrated using vivid watercolor paints and ink by Ellen WY Leou, with some lovely detailed Hong Kong scenery such as busy streets with hanging signs, construction sites, traditional fruit shops and even a view of the harbor.  The pictures clearly show what's going on in the story.  It really made us want to be with Lulu and experience the adventure with her.

Lulu thought she was going to get into trouble for being away for so long from her home.  Instead, there is a big happy surprise that awaits her at the end of the book.

We recommend this book to children between three and ten years old, as well as people of all ages who like adventure books or books with pictures of animals.  Younger children may need an adult to help them read the vocabulary and some of the words that describe the characters.  We really enjoyed it!  -Book review by Jasmine Barry