Meet Lulu

A Day in the Life of Lulu the Hong Kong Cat

Meet the real life Lulu the Hong Kong Cat!  This is Lulu and she is the "real" cat who inspired the Lulu the Hong Kong Cat series of children' books.  Lulu likes playing chase, sleeping, eating canned cat food, sleeping, and then eating some more.  Sometimes she likes to pretend she is a tiger!  And sometimes she likes to sit on the sofa and watch her favorite cat cartoons!  But Lulu's very most favorite thing in the world is hanging out with her best friend, just like the character Lulu the Hong Kong Cat in the storybook.

Lulu the Hong Kong Cat illustrated childrens picture book

Lulu was born in Fan Ling, Hong Kong in a tiny little house within sight of the border between Hong Kong and China.  She had five sisters and brothers but she was the only kitty that was born with no tail!  When she was only two months old, Lulu moved from Fan Ling to a new home on Hong Kong island with her human Ellen.  From that time on the two of them have become the best of friends.

Lulu the Hong Kong Cat illustration childrens book

Say hi to Lulu at  Send us your "Hong Kong Cat" pictures and we'll post them up!  Lots of love to all Hong Kong cats and their lovely humans, friends and admirers.

Lulu and Ellen